I’m an indie creator. Nothing I do (be it create videos, podcasts, essays, or entertain and educate) is compensated. My main source of income is being booked as a speaker or doing other freelance work; however, payment for these is oftentimes very very late or unreliable. Direct support from folks who enjoy my content ensures that I can continue delivering it and pay my rent on time!

If you want to support all the free content I create (be it on this site or my other platforms) feel free to become my patron on Patreon in exchange for some awesome rewards!

If a one time donation is more your thing, feel free to drop me a tip on: Venmo (@QueerXiChisme) or Cash App ($QXC)

“What is Patreon”?
Patreon is a website that helps you support your favorite creators by giving you the option to make monthly donations. They can be as little as $1 a month!! You can cancel your subscription at ANY time.

“What do I get out of supporting you?”
A lot actually! Depending on your commitment, there’s different rewards but some dope ones are things like: exclusive livestreams, handwritten thank you notes, longer videos, sneak peaks of future content, and direct input about future content!

“I can’t afford to help y’all?”
AND THAT’S SUPER COOL. I don’t expect ALL of my followers to donate but I just want to provide a way for folks who have expressed desire to compensate me for my labor, to do so. Also, I never want folks to feel like they’re making a sacrifice by supporting my work; I just want your chunk change if you have any to spare!

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You can also support my work by sharing my Patreon or having your school/org/community book me for a speaking gig by e-mailing me at:

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